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January 2, 2018


My journey has been slow and steady.  Exactly how I DON'T like things to go.  I'm a real I want it now, I have to have it now, kinda gal.  But the difference, is when I started out I never envisioned this little business of mine to get to this place.  I hoped for something a little better and a little better, and I continued to learn and grow, without any real definition of success in mind.  And honestly, I didn't know it at the time, but that is the way to go friends.  Goals are amazing.  But remember there are dozens of little goals that must be accomplished to arrive to that big one.  And don't ignore those small accomplishments.  It is the culmination of those small successes that lead you to the big one, if you have a big one.  I really never have.  I'm not one to plan real far into my future because I have no idea whats coming around the next turn.  But if you are that person, and you do have a big plan, GO GET IT.  One step, one shoot at a time.  


I like to say I "grew up" during an awesome time in my photography journey.  It was a time before the world of social media.  There was very little of that going on in the photography industry 8 years ago.  A Facebook post to my private blog every now and then and that was it.  And so I grew on my own.  With very little to compare to, because I didn't even know who else was out there.  And I honestly believe that helped me build a more solid confidence in myself and my work.  Things are different now though right?  Social media is EVERYWHERE.  It runs my business now.  It runs most photographers businesses.  It's my marketing, my client reach, my outlet, my portfolio, and it's overwhelming at times.  Because now, I see eeeeeveryone's work.   Every day.  I see their accomplishments and their beautiful work, and if it hits me on a bad day, man, it's the pits.  You know what I'm talking about don't you.  But let me give you little perspective.  In the least boastful way I can say it, my business is a success.  I've done well in recent years and am in a great place with consistent work, ideal clients and great opportunities.  I've gone so much farther than I ever thought I would.  And you know what... I STILL feel the exact same thing I did in earlier days.  Comparing myself to others and feeling like I'll never be that good.  There are so many that are so much better than me.  Blah blah blah.  I feel it guys.  All the time.  And so do my photographer friends who are some of the most incredibly talented and successful women I know.  We ALL feel it.  So don't imagine that because your business isn't in the place you want yet, that those feelings will go away once you arrive.  They won't.  But here's what I've learned and what helps me through those feelings.  I know what they are, they are feelings, they are not truths.  They come from viewing everyones best all the time, not knowing the worst that sit behind it.  The job you didn't get, the unhappy client, the session that just sucked.  You don't see that, but I'm telling you, it's there.  And so are the same feelings of inadequacy.  And you know what else?  Those feelings don't last if you don't let them.  Realize the truth of what it is, and move on to your next project or look at some of your best recent work.  Look at your work from a year or 2 ago.  You grew didn't you?  You're better now aren't you?  Is there really anything else you can hope for?


It's a journey friends.  Start where you are.  Be patient with your growth.  Celebrate you successes big and small.  Let yourself feel GOOD about what you've done, even if there aren't 20,000 people behind you saying it's great.  Photography is art, and if YOU love your art, you'll soar.  




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