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6 photography accessories to travel with

November 17, 2017


I am THAT Mom. You know the one that makes everyone stop for every single tiny reason to take a photo. The Mom that will climb under fences and make entire tour groups wait to get that perfect shot. Guys, its true. I will do ANYTHING for photos that are just so and all I can say is "I regret NOTHING!" lol. in all honestly, my kids are too little know better and My husband is so used to it by now it doesn't even phase him. We love to travel. We travel as often as we can, and I have always considered myself an avid wanderer, But, in January, I took it to a new level and set a goal to leave the country 5 times this year. Here it is November, I've got 4 down and 1 to go and Today, Right now, this very moment, I am in China with my husband and our three kids. Weird? Awesome? Random? Yep. All of the above. It's a bit surreal honestly, but I've done enough traveling now that I have packing down to a science and I'm happy to share with you my TOP 6 photography accessories to travel with. You can thank me later (wink).  


1. A Camera Bag Insert- This thing is the BOMB. Seriously, slide  it into any big purse or backpack and save yourself the hassle of moving everything over from a bag you love to some hideous black monstrosity we call a camera bag. Ladies, please tell me of an awesome camera bag/purse that exists. For now, I love my camera bag insert. It protects my Cameras and Lenses and lets me change my mind about my bags as often as I'd like. The BEST.  


2. SD card holder. I don't know about you but those little buggers were finding their way into every crevice of my car until, you guessed it,  the SD card holder. I Love the organization and the ease of grabbing something bigger than a small coin.


3. Remote Control. Does your camera have WIFI? If so,  your phone can act as a remote and you can take photos of yourself, you and your lover or your entire family with the push of a button (or a screen). I love the ease of using the canon app to download my photos straight onto my phone and posting them without having to pass them through a computer first. Don't have WIFI? no biggie. WIFI enabled SD cards are available and with a wireless remote you're good as gold. 


4. Sling strap. I was always fine with using the original strap my camera came with until a good friend bought me a sling strap as a gift. I have never and could never go back. It is so incredibly comfortable, convenient, and out of the way. Your camera sits at your hip instead of your chest and slides up the strap when you want to take a photo. I can wear my camera all day without noticing it and mine even has a little buckle if I want to remove the camera from the strap. Google it. You'll be obsessed, I swear.


5. Compact tripod.  If you're not worried about keeping your camera perfectly stable, you'll love this purely for the convenience of being able to set up a shot anytime any where at any height you want, without balancing your camera on a stack of unstable rocks and praying it doesn't fall. We've all done it. lol. The compact tripod is small enough too that you're not a total hassle to carry around. I've never regretted bringing a tripod. Even if I don't end up taking it on every outing.


6. InstaxMini Camera. For under 100 bucks you cannot beat the fun and memories made with these cameras. There is just something to be said for holding a photo in your hands, a rare occurrence in these days of digital everything. This little camera is so light weight I don't even remember it's in my bag half the time. It fits with my camera in my camera bag insert as well. The main reason I like to travel with it is for my kids. They absolutely LOVE taking photos with it and It motivates them to write in a travel journal so they can tape their photo next to it.  Win win if you ask me. 


What are your favorite travel accessories? I would LOVE to know!!


Safe journeys 









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